Poly Wristbands FAQ

1. Will I get a production proof prior to my wristbands being made?

Production proofs are available for all orders upon request. please email us with the subject line PRODUCTION PROOF. Please include all the details of your design, including attaching any uploads. We always prefer that you upload vector files (AI, EPS, PDF), but you may also upload a JPG or PNG and our designers will work to convert it to the appropriate file type. If sending a JPG or PNG, please send the highest resolution version of the file that you have.

2. Can I use my own fonts, colors or artwork?

Yes. Poly Wristband offers custom printing using any font, color or artwork needed.

3. Can I place a design on the interior of the wristband?

Yes. We can emboss designs on the interior of the band, which is a raised and colorless print. We can also flat print on the interior of the band. Can not deboss and ink fill on the interior for production reasons.

4. Can I get help with my design?

Yes.  For design help, please interact act with us on Live Chat or email us using the Subject Line “Design Help.” We’ll be glad to discuss your project with you.

5. What is the difference between Youth, Adult and Large size wristbands?

We get this question a lot, especially when ordering wristbands for children of various ages. Below are the sizing details:

  Kids Wristbands

  160mm (6.5 inches) circumference, typically fit ages 3-5.

  Youth Wristbands

  180mm (7.08 inches) circumference, typically fit ages 6-12.

  Adult Wristbands

 202mm (7.95 inches) circumference, these fit your average teenagers and adults.

  Large Wristbands

  216mm (8.5 inches) circumference

6. What are the minimum quantities I can order?

You can order as few as 5 of our 1/2 Inch wristbands. All other styles have a minimum order of 50 pieces.

7. Can I get samples sent to me before I order?

If you contact us, we’d be happy to send you a few in-stock sample wristbands that are similar to the design you have in mind. Pro tip! We also offer minimum orders of just 5 pieces with our 1/2 Inch Wristbands. This gives you a chance to receive samples of your actual design.

8. Can I order more than one color of wristband at a time?

Yes. You can order multiple colors

9. Can I order segmented or swirled (tie dye) wristbands?

Our wristbands can be segmented or swirled using any of our colors.

  What is a segmented band? A segmented band has blocks of silicone color going around the wristband. The colors don’t mix (or swirl) much together.

  What is a swirl wristband? Swirl wristbands have multiple colors swirled together in a tie-dye effect. They will include both the colors you requested, and also some additional colors where those colors intersected and combined to form new colors.

10. Are you able to make smaller or larger bands than what you offer?

Yes, we can make special order wristbands. Please contact us  to discuss in detail.

11. What are my payment options?

We accept credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, WESTERN UNION

12. How can I lower the price of my order?

Orders are priced based on the style of wristband, the number of inks, the quantity of wristbands, and the shipping method you need. With that in mind, here are a few tips to lower your total cost:

  1. Choose a less expensive style of wristband, like our Classic Half Inch band or Ultra Thin.
  2. Reduce the amount of ink colors, or go with no inks altogether.
  3. Lower your total wristband quantity.
  4. Order well ahead of time to take advantage of free shipping.

13. When will my wristbands be delivered?

Delivery times depend on the production speed you chose at the time of your order.  If you have yet to place an order, take a look at our Delivery Calendar to see when your order will arrive based on your purchase date and shipping method.

14. What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide! However free shipping is only available in the US and Canada.

15. How fast can I get my items?

The quickest delivery is our Super Rush product, which can typically be delivered in 72 hours to anywhere in the US. The quickest delivery is our Super Rush product, which can typically be delivered in 72 hours to anywhere in the US.

16. Where are you located?

Our offices are in Guangdong Province of China