Anti-bullying Wristband

Item details:

Size: 202mm*12mm*2mm (8inch)
Material: 100% silicone wristband made in China can order silicone wristband with your personal message.
can design your own wristbands and choose your own message, color, size, and font personalized silicone
bracelet with any text.

1/2inch Custom Anti-bullying Wristband Rubber Bracelets


Bullying wristbands are means to help school students show solidarity and express their refusal to tolerate bullying. Help students stop bullying and raise awareness against bullying with anti-bullying wristbands.


What’s school bullying?

  • Wikipedia explanation: Bullying is the use of force, coercion, or threat, to abuse, aggressively dominate or intimidate. The behavior is often repeated and habitual.

  • School bullying happens during or after school hours.

It have differrent types of bullying:

  • Verbal bullying:saying or writing mean things, such as teasing, name-calling.
  • Social bullying: sometimes referred to as relational bullying, involves hurting someone’s reputation or relationships. Spreading rumors or embarrassing someone in public.
  • Physical bullying: Involves hurting body or possessions. Such as hitting,kicking,pinching,spitting,tripping,pushing.
  • Cyberbullying is the use of digital-communication tools (such as the Internet and cell phones) to make another person feel angry, sad, or scared,occur through social media sites, chat rooms or via text messaging.

Why Buy Anti-bullying wristbands from Polywristbands

  • Bullying is a serious problem in many schools.Wear anti-bullying wristbands say no to bullying. no one like bullying.Help stop bullying and raise awareness against bullying with these anti-bullying wristbands, custom message like “against bulling””hate bullying” “Report, Defend; Be Cool, Not Cruel “
  • Poly Wristbands available of custom made wristbands, including anti-bullying bracelets. Our bracelets are comfortable to wear, long-lasting, and non-allergenic.We offer a wide variety of wristband types and colors to help your anti-bullying wristbands stand out and make a difference.We glad to help you make your customized anti-bullying wristband that will help victims of bullying.


How to make your own bracelets?

1. Send us the following details:
wristband color :
wristband quantity:
wristband size:
font name:
content/message/logo/symbol color:

2.Payment: after your payment, we will send you a JPG for you to confirm, once you confirm we will
arrange to produce, the production time normally needs about 3-5 working days.

Wristband color: red, reflex blue, black, orange, white… or choose the color from the PMS COLOR CHART.

Content /message/logo colors: black, white, orange, yellow… or choose the color from the PMS COLOR

Payment: Bank Transfer & Paypal

Purpose: fundraisers, business, sports, promotional gifts, bridal gifts, wedding decoration, outdoor
wearing, wedding gifts.

Shipping: We ship worldwide. We ship items worldwide with door to door shipping service.
Production time & Shipping time: 5-17 days.

Rush order available. Please let us know your deadline day. We guarantee to delivery your deadline day,
if not, we will refund.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions we will respond to you within 24 hours in
working days.

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Additional Features To Make Your Wristbands Unique:
text message logo offered: printed, embossed, debossed, ink-filled debossed, embossed printing.
Add glow effect
Add specialized glitter effect
Swirl or segment colors added to your bands
Add customized silkscreen designs on the inside of the wristband
Add screen printed or embossed messages to the inside of the bands
We can help you with even the most complicated designs.
Item Types Offered:
1/4 Inch – Thin
1/2 Inch – Standard
3/4 Inch – Wide
1 Inch – Extra-wide
Slap Bands – 1 Inch Wide
Adjustable Bands – 1/2 Inch
Silicone Keychains – 1/2 Inch
Silicone Rings – 1/4 Inch Thin
Silicone Rings – 1/2 Inch Standard
PVC wristbands
USB wristbands
LED wristbands
Custom RFID wristbands
Silicone Band Watch


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