How RFID Wristbands Works as a Tracking Device?

How RFID Wristbands Works as a Tracking Device?

Some so many people want to know about what RFID wristbands are and how they work. You might have noticed the use of RFID wristbands on outdoor concerts, attending festivals, spas, and much more. In all the big hotels, the use of room smart cards is now completely replaced by the use of wearable RFID wristbands.

What is the abbreviation of RFID?

RFID is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification. It functions through the technology, in which the digital data encoded by the RFID wristband or the RFID tag is completely captured through the RFID reader via radio waves. With the help of this technology, scanners and expert readers will be able to capture the data on the RFID tags and simply transfer them to the back-end computer systems without any sort of contact.

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How RFID Wristband Works?

At the time of reading, the RFID reader will send the coded radio signal for identifying the RFID tag. The RFID tag will receive the transmission and will respond with a unique identification number.

How much data you can store in RFID wristbands?

An RFID tag can store all types of data which includes purchase points, access hotels to hotels, authentication, coupons, and social media information. There is no need to store a large amount of data. The biggest RFID tag can easily store 3720 bytes or either 3.72 kilobytes of information. You can sufficiently store all sorts of data such as an address, name, identity information, or credit card details. For the access control systems, RFID tags have a storage space of 3 kb or less.

What type of data you can collect in RFID wristbands?

With the help of RFID technology, organizers will be able to analyze in real-time how the wearer moves and interact with the event or whole venue. RFID wristband technology has great security features, increases the revenue benefits, and is cost-saving. It is also helpful to highlight some popular attractions, peak hours, and queue times.

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Can you use an RFID wristband as a tracking device?

Most of the RFID wristbands make use of advanced passive high-frequency tags which you can use for short distances. You won’t be able to track the location of the wearer.  But still, RFID is capable to record the last location of any person. This is much needed to understand how the traffic flows and any sort of safety risks in future events.

Through this advanced level of RFID technology, you are not able to streamline the entry procedures, but you can also connect yourself with your audience. There is no need to bring wallets, tickets, or any personal information for participation. This is an amazing benefit of RFID technology for all industries.

There have been many organizers who have introduced the use of RFD technology applications just to fully optimize their ongoing activities. RFID wristband technology has great security features, increases the revenue benefits, and is cost-saving. The use of RFID technology has become so much vast in the music industry for improving the fan vase experience in concerts.

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