What are the Top 10 Reasons to Choose Custom RFID Wristbands?

What are the Top 10 Reasons to Choose Custom RFID Wristbands?

The use of RFID wristbands for the commonplace large events such as exhibitions, conferences and concerts is getting extremely popular. But now you can also use this technology for venues and smaller events.

We all know that the use of RFID technology is costly and requires high investment therefore some of the small event planners will hesitant to spend huge budget to get RFID wristbands as compared to large event planners. But as the technology is advancing, the cost of purchasing RFUID technology has gone down.

Custom RFID Wristbands

  • Helps to protect your revenue & party crashers

Party crashers are a liability and burden to your security and profitability. You can protect your revenue by identifying authorized guests by using custom RFID wristbands for your events.

  • Helps to Prevent Counterfeits

Your event security staff will be able to spot any sort of fake identities with the help of RFID wristband. RFIDHY’s various customization options will increase the overall security of your ticketing or wristband program. Few other options are serial numbering, foil printing as well as UV (invisible) ink printing

  • Boost Customer Loyalty and Brand Name

Custom RFID wristbands are worn personally by all your targeted audience which will boost your customer loyalty satisfaction. Most of the people will keep the wristbands for bragging rights or as a souvenir. Don’t forget to include your wristband with your brand name and logo to boost your company status.

  • Generate Great Revenue

You can partner with different corporate sponsors and print their logos on the wristbands. This will eventually help your brand to generate surplus revenue.

  • Promoting Special Offers

You can also add your wristbands with some promotional offers to attract more audience. This is the best way to use the call to action approach for boosting your brand sale.

  • Keep Track Record and Inventory

In addition, RFID wristbands are also effective when it comes to keep the track record of inventory and customer data. You can have your wristbands be printed with the serial numbers or the bar codes for the tracking purposes. For the raffles and special contest promotions, serial numbers are printed in various colors.

RFID Wristbands

  • Raise Awareness for Social Causes

Customizing the wristbands with the special message is extremely helpful for spreading awareness for some social cause. This is the best approach to share your vision.

  • Custom Bar Coding & Variable Data for Easy Tracking & Cashless POS

Having the custom printed RFID wristbands with the bar codes or the variable data printing will act like the “wrist tickets”. But it has some benefits of being non-transferable. PDC will offer you with some bar coding options on various wristbands which can even be tied to the data system for an efficient operations, or data tracking, as well as analysis.


Above all, there are various other benefits which you can avail through RFID wristbands! Look for the one which you are using for the special cause awareness or for boosting your brand growth. It is a cost effective option and your customers would love to wear colorful wristbands all the time.

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